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Do you have a pet but no time to look after it? You can drop your pets on the way to work and we'll take care of them until you return. It'll make your job easier as you don't have to worry about leaving your pet unattended while you're at work.

Your pet deserves great care

We love all animals so you can be assured that your pets will get the same treatment and attention as we'd give it to the pets that stay overnight.


Your pets are as good as our guests so we'll get them the best possible care. Our pet-friendly staff will take care of them with as much affection as you do. You pet is in safe hands!

A hard day's night!

You can stay up late for your work

while we look after your puppy. Our affectionate care helps your pet to not miss a beat when you're not around. We understand at times you have to work late or too exhausted to look after your pup after a hard day at work.


Bring your pet over and we'll have a nanny take care of your little tail-wagger.

Your fluffy buddy has a nanny!

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