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No time to bathe your pooch? No problem! Bring them to us. Your pets need regular bathing, teeth brushing etc., to keep them clean and disease-free. We have all the necessary modern grooming equipment that is safe for your pets.

Groom your pet right

We have very competitive prices. Please call for a quote depending on size and condition. We provide extra services like nail grinding starting at $5.00 to $10.00; teeth brushing at $5.00; furminator treatment for shedding at $10.00; conditioning treatment at $5.00; and flea and tick treatment at $5.00. We also do anal gland expression and ear cleaning at no extra charge.

Benefits of regular grooming

  • Prevention of periodontal disease and bad breath

  • Reduction of skin and paw disorders

  • Healthy skin and coat

  • Elimination of painful fur matting

  • Reduction of excess shedding

  • Overall improvement in the cleanliness and hygiene including unwanted fleas and tick

  • Identification of other problems, such as sores that may go unnoticed

Bring in your pup for that overdue bath

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